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Why do I need a sleep study?

Sleep is an active state essential for physical and mental well being. There are many sleep disorder and a sleep study is essential in making a diagnosis.

Will I be able to sleep with all those wires on me?

The electrodes and wires may feel strange in the beginning but do not cause any discomfort. All wires and electrodes are taped and secured so the patient can sleep and change body position in the bed comfortably. It may take longer to fall asleep but the sleep specialists understand that.

How will I sleep in a different bed than mine?

Most hospital labs look like hospital rooms but our rooms look very homey and hotel like. Every patient has his / her own private bathroom with shower.

What happens after the sleep study?

The data from the sleep study (about 800 pages) is analyzed by a Respiratory therapist or a Registered Polysomnography Technologist and then interpreted by a sleep specialist.

How many hours per night do I have to use my CPAP?

CPAP should be used every night, for the whole night for maximum benefit as prescribed by your doctor. In the beginning you may not be able to use it all night long and may need to get used to it by wearing it a few hours each night until you are able to use it for the whole night.

Will the noise from the CPAP machine bother my bed partner or me?

Generally the sound of the snoring is a lot louder than the sound of the CPAP machine. The noise from the machine is continuous and acts like white noise in the background.

Will I have to use the CPAP for the rest of my life?

CPAP is not a cure, but therapy. The good news is that CPAP can successfully control the apneas, hypopneas and the snoring.

What can I do if I feel as if the pressure is too high or too low?

The adaptation period varies from a few nights to 3 months. Try breathing through your nose only with the mouth closed.

How do I choose the best mask?

The best way to find the most suitable mask is by trial and error. Most home care companies offer sure fit services where you are given 1 month period to get the best mask possible. You should contact your home care company during this one month and try different masks.

My mask feels uncomfortable, what can I do?

Everyone’s face has a different shape. You need to try different masks to find the one feels the best for you.

My nose feels dry and stuffy. What can I do?

You can use a humidifier to treat the dryness and the stuffiness.

My nose feels blocked with the use of CPAP. Why?

Try increasing the humidity level on your CPAP. Consult a doctor to see if you have nose problem that can be treated with a nasal spray. Surgery is another option. Finally a full face mask may help resolve this issue.

Why does the mask irritate my skin?

The mask may irritate your skin as it must fit firmly over your nose and cheeks. A different size or kind of mask may help. You may purchase two different kinds of masks where one will fit over the nose and the other fits into the nostrils. You may alternate between the two masks to relieve the pressure and skin irritation.

My mask leaks a lot of air. What can I do?

You may need a different size or a different kind of mask. Some masks can be customized to the shape of your mask and this may help reduce the mask leak? A chin strap can be used to hold up the jaw to keep the air in.

I find the pressure unbearable and am unable to adapt. What can I do?

Your doctor may prescribe a BiPAP machine instead of a CPAP. The BiPAP machine lowers the pressure when you breathe out thus reducing the resistance and making it more comfortable.

I suffer from claustrophobia. Solution?

Wear your CPAP mask alone to get used to having something on your face for a few days (at daytime). Then try the CPAP with pressure while awake and sitting up. The next step will be to lie down with the CPAP pressure while awake. Don’t try sleeping with the CPAP until you feel comfortable with it while awake and overcome the claustrophobia.

How soon after I start using the CPAP will I notice an improvement?

You should notice an immediate improvement after continuous use for a couple of nights.