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Treatment & Therapy


Clinique Sommeil Santé offers the latest and the best products for sleep apnea and sleep disorders therapy.

Our dedicated respiratory therapists have a broad base of product knowledge and a commitment to helping our clients get the best possible treatment available to them in terms of quality and cost.


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We offer the following sleep apnea therapy products:

  • CPAPs (Respironics, RES MED, Fisher and Paykel, etc.)
  • BiPAPs (Auto and preset bilevels)
  • Oxygen Concentrators
  • All kinds of interfaces

Other Sleep Apnea Therapy Modalities:

  • Weight loss (but may not fully treat OSA)
  • Surgery (Short term improvement but OSA may return)
  • Oral devices (High failure rate (37-46%)
  • Avoidance of supine (back) position (difficult to endorse and might not fully treat OSA)
  • Oxygen (does not reduce apneas but may be used as an adjunct to CPAP)

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