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About Us


About Us

Clinique Sommeil Santé offers a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic services. We specialize in diagnosing sleep disorders and sleep apnea therapy. We offer a wide range of sleep tests and drug screening services. We provide the community complete, personalized, professional, efficient and courteous services ensuring the shortest possible delay in appointments and test results.

Our sleep lab clientele are patients with sleep problems. They are referred by medical professionals i.e. family doctors, neurologists, psychologists, pneumologists, etc. Patients must have prescription for any diagnostic or therapeutic services.

Client satisfaction and best possible care are our priority. We value patient confidentiality, patient trust and confidence. Our objective is to provide accurate and reliable laboratory and therapeutic services quicker than hospital and CLSC. All questions and inquiries are managed by the appropriate staff in English and Français.


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All health-related material on Clinique Sommeil Sante Website is for informational purposes only. Treatment recommendations for a patient should be obtained after consulting with a doctor familiar with the patient’s medical history or after a medical examination.